Good business means… expert services, solid jobs, fast access
Good business means… great neighbors, lively retail, a place to watch the world walk by
Good business means… a healthy tax base, a welcoming home base.
Glenview Chamber of Commerce… it’s good business.

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Shaking handsWith 90 years of experience, the Glenview Chamber of Commerce works to make Glenview a destination of choice for businesses and their owners, and for the customers and community that make Glenview a great place to live, visit, and work. 

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Summer Fest 2018 Applications Now Being Accepted

Every year the liveliest crowd of 20,000 moms, dads, teens, kids, in-laws, veterans, firefighters, clowns, magicians, grandparents, buyers, sellers, and food aficionados in the region converge in Glenview for Summer Fest. Now’s the time to sign up as a vendor or organization for the 2018 fest, according to Glenview Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Betsy Baer. Organizations throughout the region are welcome to participate. “You might want to sell merchandise, offer free games or health education, showcase new products or services, or celebrate your wonderful nonprofit services,” says Baer. “We love to see new faces, as well as old friends.” More »