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Glenview Is Our Business

With more than 500 members and 95 years of experience, the Glenview Chamber of Commerce works to make Glenview a destination of choice for businesses and their owners, and for the customers and community that contribute to Glenview's vitality.

To do this, we serve as the voice of business in Glenview, and as a respected nexus for business information, best practices, new ideas, and business-building events. Members benefit from networking programs and marketing opportunities. The community benefits from the presence of strong, productive businesses and robust services; a lively retail environment; a healthy tax base; and a cohesive and welcoming home base. 

Our members represent every corner of Glenview's business community, including large corporations, such as Astellas and Kraft Foods, and nonprofit organizations, such as the Kohl Children's Museum and American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST). Some are located in Glenview but they sell their products and services elsewhere they know the chamber works to ensure that Glenview's policies and environment are business-friendly. And some members are located outside of Glenview, but have an interest in the vitality of the village. The majority of our members have fewer than 10 employees. In fact, a healthy percentage are family-owned and multigenerational, a tradition celebrated in this video made by Glenview teens. You can find all our member businesses here. You can learn about opening a business in Glenview here.

The chamber's policies and programs are governed by a 17-member board. We welcome new members at any time during the year. And of course, our members welcome your business! Try our Hot Deals.

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