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Picture this: Kicking off the Season with the Best Party Ever

Even Santa was surprised at the turnout for Glenview's Holiday in the Park and Parade, which kicked off the holiday shopping season. The decades-old tradition sparkled especially brightly this year, with hundreds more partiers than previous years, and guaranteed snow. "Wow what a crowd!" Santa said.

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We’re Making New Friends

Glenview’s Chamber of Commerce—the organization that brings you Summerfest, Holiday in the Park, and the Community Resource Directory—is offering a new way for friends and supporters to connect with the Chamber and its great programs.

Called “Friends of the Chamber,” participants will get the benefit of monthly “After Hours” get-togethers with Chamber members, as well as the…


Labor day is history already? How can that be -it was just Memorial Day. I hope you enjoyed your summer and all the varied events and programs YOUR chamber of Commerce offered. As we inch toward fall (Is it me, or are the leaves already falling?) browse through this newsletter to learn about the many upcoming events waiting for your participation.

Planning has begun for 2014 starting with…

You Can Win with Stop in & Win

This summer, you could spend your hard-earned money on the Illinois lottery, where your chances of winning the jackpot are a puny 1 in 175,711,536.

OR you could participate in Glenview’s Stop in & Win event, which runs from June 29 through August 2. The event is free! And the chances of winning are HUGE by comparison! Prizes include an iPad with Retina Display, as well as gift…

Buy a Six-pack, Have a REVOLUTION

icecreambeerNot many things last 90 years. The Holy Roman Empire, for instance. Or the Soviet Union. Rotary dial phones. Newsweek Magazine. As the World Turns. And yet the Glenview Chamber of Commerce is 90 and counting.

That’s just one reason to celebrate the…