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Your 1.75 Percent

Glenview is a rarity--a lively hometown with rich lifestyle resources--world-class parks and recreation, good schools, and great healthcare. We also have comprehensive groceries, fun specialy stores, and multiple educational, maintenance, and life-enhancing services. Glenview is safe, it's full of vitality, and it's well-run.

How do we do it? One special ingredient is--you, your 1.75 percent. Every time you shop local, 1.75 percent of your purchase price stays in Glenview to fund public services, including safety services.

Your purchases also help keep business alive, which in turn helps keep residential real estate taxes lower than they otherwise would be.

And your purchases keep Glenview's heart pumping--the festivals, the sponsored kids' teams, the walkable spaces with dining options and neighbors nearby.

When you shop online, none of this happens.  

The Chamber is working to keep Glenview lively, neighborly, and, well, Glenviewian, by focusing on local participation and that crucial 1.75 percent. 

Live local, shop local. It's good for our hometown.